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Ark Ecosystem’s goal is to give everyone the power to easily create, customize and scale their own blockchain networks. By combining innovative network design with accessible & extensible software, Ark Ecosystem allows for maximum developer productivity. We prioritize builders and doers from every walk of life by building blockchain software that balances power and ease of use.


7Chain has officially demonstrated its core Blockchain platform technology: a B2B product that is powered by a fully transparent and decentralized RNG, recorded on the Blockchain, hence, immutable and fair.The objective of the 7Chain is to create the most integral and transparent gaming platform with a quickly growing ecosystem of top-notch B2C technology player.


eLocations is an online PropTech MetaPlatform that does for the global retail property industry what Trivago has done for the travel industry. eLocations’s vision is to become the Retail Decision Maker for all retailers, landlords and brokers of properties in prime locations.


The Hexadpay wallet is a complete ecosystem where your cryptocurrenices will coexist with your fiat currencies, and will have the same value and utility as fiat currencies. Powered by a combination of blockchain and AI, Hexadpay aims to be the most comprehensive digital wallet available in the market globally. Gain access to 100+ fiat currencies and 20+ crypto tokens, Spend, store, buy, exchange, trade, speculate, in fiat or cryptocurrencies.


ICOVO aim to protect ICO investors by introducing a fundraising management system and increasing the transparency of ICO project founders as well as the projects themselves.ICOVO is the world’s first ICO support service and the only platform implementing DAICO for smart contracts.


Momentum Protocol re-invents the way we build customer relationships. Our eco-system enables companies to easily transfer their loyalty and reward programs onto the blockchain and transform the way they attract and retain customers in ways never before possible.


Nubeva StratusEdge delivers an agentless solution to unlock full visibility and control of network traffic inside public cloud subscriptions to (re)enable tools, security, compliance, and policies.


Orion Vault combines technology (cloud and blockchain) with unique business thinking to bring art to the future. Offering more profitable, trustworthy and secure way for digital fine artists, galleries to sells their works and for investors to enjoy, store value and trade.

Quick x

QuickX is a novel protocol designed specifically to cure the many fatal flaws that are hindering the mass adoption of Cryptocurrencies today. It performs transactions off the chain for same Blockchain assets and utilizes pooling facilitators who supply liquidity for cross chain transfers of crypto assets. Through this, it accelerates the transaction speed greatly, dissolves the interoperability problem between different Cryptocurrencies, relieves the transaction fees and also solves the issue of scalability.

No more prolonged waiting times; with QuickX, it is now possible for you to make instant transactions for all your Blockchain assets.


RRC is a decentralized global computing power market based on vertical public blockChain. The mission and goal of RRNC is to build a blockchain-based decentralized computing network that collects and makes the most use of the unused computing power of personal computers and smart terminals.


Senno is a blockchain based decentralized decision-making network that utilizes distributed sentiment analysis to create a real-time crowd wisdom ecosystem. Senno will revolutionize the way decision making is made in multiple aspects including strategic planning, enhancement of algo-trading systems, elimination of surveys, measuring marketing campaigns reach and more.


Silkchain is the first blockchain project dedicated to improving international trade and for its fundraising, the project has gathered the most influential members and participants.


Tourisz is a B2C marketplace driven by Artificial Intelligence. We act as a one-stop platform to eradicate the above-mentioned restrictions while bridging the gap between the Travel Industry and the need to adapt Blockchain Technology. Tourisz plans to remove the hurdles through a Gamified Crowdsourced Content.

Tune token

Tune is a software development and management company primarily focused on creating blockchain based technology, smart contract design and digital tokenized applications. Tune’s primary mission is to solve digital songwriter rights and royalty transparency issues for the music industry.


Ubanx is the easiest, user-friendly and real-world connection to the crypto economy. Ubanx is the first retail blockchain place.

Urbit data

Urbitdata’s is to build the biggest real estate online service management platform in the world: rent, sell, buy, vacation rentals and price valuations, of any property, in real time and with a single click.Urbit Data accelerates the sharing of data and real estate records worldwide, applying the most transparent, robust, secure, economic and scalable technology: the Blockchain.


X8currency is the pioneer of a unique class of stable tokens, and for the first time in the traditional and digital currency market establishes the principle of proactively managing funds through the use of financial Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) to preserve value and create price stability. Simultaneously combining AAA grade Fiat currencies and gold together with best-in-class risk management software creates the world’s first value preservation payment token capable of enduring black swan market event scenarios to keep users safe from any currency devaluation risk.


First Community Backed IoT Ecosystem. This Ecosystem combines the Arloid highly secured Smart Home devices with the Arloid Platform, which allows the Arloid Community to choose, vote and fund potential IoT partners, therefore influencing Ecosystem growth routes.


EUNEX intends to position itself as a high-tech cryptocurrency trading platform that integrates the strengths of diversified trading platforms in order to fulfill the demands of the cryptocurrency market. We started by looking at factors and problems affecting cryptocurrency exchanges and has decided to build its own cryptocurrency ecosystem with attractive features that will based on the foundations of established exchange platforms, integrating its strength while solving its limitations.

Gecas World

Gecas World, Co., Ltd is a company that provides digital cryptocurrencies and systems to facilitate environmental businesses through solar power facilities applicable to golf courses all around the world.

Hex Innovation

HEX’s Ecosystem where individuals manage their own health data

Individuals produce a large number of health data for a lifetime. These medical data are linked organically and affect their own health. However, it’s quite difficult for individuals to systematically and securely manage the data.

To solve this problem, HEX is going to construct a health information business ecosystem where individuals manage their own health data


The Infinity Project will introduce a new cryptocurrency called HYCON, designed to address some of the challenges faced by existing blockchain technologies. What follows is an outline of the existing state of blockchain development with a focus on the problems that need to be addressed, the goals of the Infinity Project itself, how HYCON proposes overcoming existing blockchain limitations, and the technical specifications of HYCON.


Imagol is a blockchain based photo selling, social networking D Apps ad marketplace. Imagol transforms the way traditional stock photo library works. This revolutionary platform will create a sustainable ecosystem for users and photographers.


World first provides security for financial transactions through an NFC- nabled card – HSM Token-boosted with hardware security modules based on PKI, FIDO and a one-time password authentication service through smartphones. Currently, 100 percent of all banks in Korea use Keypair’s service for authentication processes. Our hack-proof product is also appropriate for ecommerce and government authentication platforms to use. We now extend to provide authentications service for IOT, Smart Grid, AMI, Automobiles and Control Access.

Next Level

They are a leading consulting and advisory firm headquartered in Hong Kong and covering the APAC region with focus on Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippine.

Their core team members bring more than 30+ years of experience across the IT, Finance, and Investment Banking industries, gained from Fortune 100 companies including JP Morgan, Dell, and KPMG

They help distributed ledger technology (DLT) startups realize their next level of growth.

Their focus is on blockchain based projects, and hashgraph technologies. Since 2017, they have been helping new projects through our consulting and advisory  practices across the US, Europe, and Asia.


We provide a network to individuals as well as businesses that dramatically simplifies access to and handling of various cryptographic assets (such as cryptocurrencies). Our offers are in particular attractive for newcomers in this area and make it easy to get started.

The factors simplicity, speed and safety are paramount for us. Our Goal:
Boosting confidence in cryptocurrencies and other crypto-services on the market. In doing so, we would like to offer the systems we have developed not only in German-speaking countries but also in Europe and beyond. We have the support from numerous cooperation partners and investors. Future-oriented, scalable products enable us to adapt to given market changes at any time and to always offer our customers best quality available.


NEM-based Commercialized AR Blockchain. SCANETCHAIN is the first commercial app built on the NEM platform Developed for Blockchain Commercialization.


Sylo is a decentralized communication network. Provides confidentiality & gives peace of mind to speak freely online. Video | Voice | Messaging | Protocol

Virtus Exchange

Virtuse Exchange bridges the gap between the cryptocurrency market and the $300 trillion global financial market on a single exchange. Virtuse Exchange is an incredibly fluid, secure, and inclusive exchange built on the blockchain and poised to democratize your access to capital markets.

Using a crypto wrapper called DACT, Virtuse Exchange lists and trades almost every liquid, “real world,”​ asset like oil, precious metals, emission allowances, and stock indicies through a vast network of partners. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, IOTA, NEO, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and Cardano are traded on the exact same platform.


Timetech is created with a simple objective of enabling individuals anywhere in the world to exchange their services, skills and errands for time credits. This globally inclusive platform allows any timesharing organisation or community to benefit from the timetech blockchain and its network by joining our platforms.

Timetech Foundation’s mission is to promote and support the creation of the timetech platform. It will enrol global partners, drive integration layer research, define conversion principles, development standards and education to bring timesharing-based decentralized protocols and tools to the world. The Foundation’s vision is to build a global and inclusive sharing community that values all members as equals regardless of nationality, gender, religion, age, wealth, education and social status.

Z Pop Dream

The Z-POP team now seeks to replicate the success of K-POP and create global music stars from multiple countries by bringing together the K-POP professionals and voting power of fans!

The Project’s business model has star creation business and global online monetisation platform. On one side, the proceeds from the ITO will be used to accelerate creating infrastructure for this star creation business, and on the other hand it will create global online monetisation platform, which will tokenise the revenue opportunities generated by the star creation business, including concert tickets, merchandise, online content and admission to exclusive events.


Zsoft provide the most efficient business solutions for the industries of investment, finance, ditribution, trading, retail, manufacturing and logistic based on the application of the powerful and innovative Blockchain technologies

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